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2008: What's New in PIcture Books?


cancolCanada in Colours, by Per-Henrik Gurth ($14.95, Kids Can Press). Theis picture book has probably the brightest colours around. The pictures are illustrated in a style that uses big blocks of solid colours. On each page, brightly coloured pictures different parts of Canada. The text describes something about a key colour on each page.

If you have ever been inside of a Canadian souvenir shop, you'll find that the illustrations in this book look familialr. That's because the same artist does the same sort of artwork about Canada that you might see on coffee mugs and tee-shirts. Once you see a moose or Mountie by Per-Henrik Gurth, you will always be able to tell what pictures are done by this popular artist. For kids 3 to 6.

The author/artist: Per-Henrik Gurth spends a lot of time drawing Canadian type things, eh?


Ben's Bunny Trouble, by Daniel Wakeman and Dirk van Stralen ($19.95, Orca) is a picture book with a differernt sort of feel to it. This book has the look and feel of a graphic novel (something older readers might like) – except this book is designed for young kids. Also, this is one of the few book out there where you have to figure the story out for yourself -- there are no words.

The pictures are done in a very fancy comic book style with lots of detail, so most kids should be able to figure out what the story is about.

In brief (warning, spoiler!), this book tells a story about a boy who takes his two pet rabbits into outer space to look for a new home for them. During his adventures to other planets, his two bunnies become four, then more. Before you know it, his ship is full of bunnies. This is an inspiring book for kids 3 to 6.


Clancy with the Puck, by Chris Mizzoni ($21.95, Raincoast) is a fun story aimed mostly at boys who like hockey -- though there is no reason girls can't enjoy it too. This story tells of a hockey player, Clancy, who is a little over-confident about what he can do on the ice. The story is written in a really fun, nicely done rhyming style. This book comes with a CD that apparently has a short animation by Mizzoni. However, this reviewer couldn't get the CD to work -- so, depending on your player you might have to fuss a bit. The book is a fun read for kids 3 to 8